What advantages are there to having my Commercial Bins cleaned ?

A. Having your Commercial Bins cleaned is an integral part to running a great commercial business. It will reduce bacterial build up that causes bad smells and also decrease the risk of pest infestation from rodents, ants and flying insects. The cleaning process also removes fly eggs and maggots and kills up to 99% of all known germs.

Why do I need to have my bins cleaned?

A. Perth Health Inspectors and Perth Councils have made it clear through fines and temporary closing orders that dirty Commercial Bins are not acceptable. In the modern environmentally conscious Perth business space having bad bins is not professional. Your staff are constantly having to handle your bins and dealing with the odours and dangers that emanate from your bins. The Perth Commercial Bin Cleaning process kills bacteria found in bins, removes unwanted odours and prevents pest build up. Perth Commercial Bin Cleaning offers a total bin hygiene service at an affordable price. Having your bins serviced by Perth Commercial Bin Cleaning gives you peace of mind and protects you and your staff.

What do you do to my Commercial Bins ?

A. Our tailor-made Commercial Bin cleaning process uses 100% biodegradable products and is highly effective. Our expert staff use our professional equipment to lift bins into position and high pressure to clean dirt and grime away. All cleaning water from inside the wheelie bin is collected and taken away. Bin exteriors are cleaned, then sprayed with a scented disinfectant and deodorisers inside and out.

Which service regularity do I need to keep my Commercial Bins cleaned ?

A. Food industries Commercial Bins vary between daily to weekly cleans depending on how heavily they are used. Most other industries vary between a clean every two weeks or four weeks. If you need any further advice please feel free to contact us anytime.

What makes Perth Commercial Bin Cleaning environmentally friendly?

A. At Perth Commercial Bin Cleaning we take our commitment to protecting the environment very seriously and do not compromise on our environmental ethos
• Perth Commercial Bin Cleaning only uses 100% natural biodegradable products in both the cleaning process and the deodorising of the bins.
• Perth Commercial Bin Cleaning exceeds all Australian Bin Cleaning Association guidelines for the proper handling of waste water.
• Every Perth Commercial Bin Cleaning unit prevents on average 200,000 litres of contaminated water entering our beautiful waterways via the stormwater drains each month.

Do I need to have a hose or staff members available when you are cleaning my Commercial Bins?

No thanks. Every Perth Commercial Bin Cleaning is self contained with all water and equipment needed. If you have a locked bin room or entry restrictions to your Business then a staff member might be needed for access purposes only.

What areas of coverage do you offer for Commercial Bin Cleaning?

A. Perth Commercial Bin Cleaning covers all Suburbs in the Perth Metro area and will endeavor to fit your Commercial Bin Cleaning needs at the earliest opportunity

Can you help with high numbers of bins over 100+?

A. No problem. Perth Commercial Bin Cleaning has numerous vehicles and operators who can attend your Business Premises at one time to ensure the job is completed as quickly as possible with the least amount of interruption in your workplace.

I'm a business owner with different types of bins and needs. I'm not sure what to do.

A. No problem. Perth Commercial Bin Cleaning understands each Business is unique. Perth Commercial Bin Cleaning are flexible and love to help, please contact us and we will either book you in or arrange a site visit to ensure your needs are met every time.

How do I contact you to place my order?

A. Contact us on 0435 080949 for any Commercial Bin Cleaning needs we can help support. Perth Commercial Bin Cleaning can also be contacted via sales@perthcommercialbincleaning.com.au.