Importance of Having Your Commercial Bin Cleaned Often

Every business or home makes use of commercial bins or wheelie bins for garbage disposal. While many people accept the dirty looks and foul odour coming emanating dirty commercial bins as another fact of life, there are others who understand the importance of getting their commercial bins clean often. The bins not only look and smell bad but they are act as a perfect breeding ground for various harmful bacteria and germs that may lead to infections and illnesses, especially to elderly and children.

Don’t think that you can don’t do anything about it. Thankfully, the commercial bin cleaning services offered by Perth Commercial Bin Cleaning allows you to get rid of foul odour and dirty looks easily.

Why should you Get Your Commercial Bins Cleaned Often?

Get Rid of Odour

Commercial bin cleaning on a regular basis makes sure that no odour emanates from the bins. You may have noticed that despite thoroughly washing the garbage cans in your home, the odour never completely goes away. This is due to the reason that the waste gets to every crevice, corner and scratch inside the garbage can. Since different bins are used for handling different types of waste, they also need different approaches and products for complete cleaning.

Commercial cleaners have the necessary cleaning products and expertise to make sure that every corner, crevice and scratch is cleaned thoroughly and no odour comes from the bins once the cleaning is done.

Sometimes, waste chemically bonds with the plastic and therefore, proper cleaning is required to handle such issues. Commercial cleaners will make sure that the bin is thoroughly cleaned and sterilised from inside as well as outside.

Dirty Bins are a Perfect Breeding Ground for Germs and Bacteria

Dirty commercial bins not only emit foul odour but they are also a perfect breeding ground for various harmful bacteria such as Listeria, E Coli and Salmonella among others. In fact, these harmful bacteria start growing within hours of discarding the leftovers and other piece of food in the bins. These bacteria may lead to food poisoning and therefore, are considered dangerous for elderly and children.

If the bins are not cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis, these bins have the potential to spread illnesses. In fact, research has shown that just inhaling the rotting smell coming out of the bin may lead to allergic reactions such as asthma. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure that your bins are thoroughly cleaned and do not act as a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

Dirty Bins Attract Rodents and Wasps

Dirty bins attract mice, spiders, rats, ants, wasps and all of these pose individual risks. For instance, pests are particularly attracted to perfume and other sweet smells but after summer months they want protein for reproduction. In other words, they want spoiled meat, empty cans of dog food, off cuts as well as other such protein sources to reproduce.

A commercial bin that is not cleaned is an ideal environment for them to settle in and reproduce. When the bin starts getting cleaned regularly in the right manner, no odour emanates from the bins and it does not attract various rodents and wasps among other things.


The Environmental Protection Act of 1970 requires businesses to make sure that their bins are odourless and clean. If businesses are found using unapproved cleaning methods that may lead to polluted waters, it can incur costly penalties for the business. Therefore, businesses need to use only approved cleaning methods to make their bins odour free and clean.

Spotless Bins

Research studies have shown that people are far more likely to use spotless bins. Improving the appearance of bins is much more important than you think. It also makes your business premises look professional.

The biggest advantage of using commercial bin cleaning services is that they have the necessary cleaning products and equipment to thoroughly clean the bins. For instance, the use of high pressure washers that can achieve higher water temperatures as compared to the standard equipment ensures thorough cleaning. Commercial bin cleaning services choose their disinfectants and deodorisers carefully as per the type of waste and bin’s material to ensure proper cleaning.

So, if you want to make sure that your commercial bins remain free of germs and odour, give us a call on 0435 080 949 or enquire online.

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